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If you are still staring at that clunker , or do you feel  permanently stuck with it in your driveway , or backyard ? Or maybe tried getting it fixed , but no success. Instead of dumping more money into it just to have it break down again, let Apluswrecker put money in your pocket. Our auto experts know the real value of your old vehicle, and we want to pay more for  it!

Apluswrecker junk car removal in mainland florida

Apluswrecker.com you local trouble hassle free junk car removal located in Maitland Florida if you're having trouble with a junk car in your driveway backyard garage feel free to call this number 407-666-4216 to speak to an operator we provide same-day service free Towing at no cost to you all we need is a title and keys we come we pay you till we go apluswrecker.com Maitland junk car removal

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If you have a junk car text us 407-666-4216